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Registering with OnSet Talent Agency

**NEW FOR 2018***

We have streamlined our registration process and are very excited to now offer PRE-REGISTRATION online!  

Once you have emailed us expressing interest in being on OnSet Talent Agency's BG roster, we will then send you a personal registration link to pre-register on our comprehensive database. 

In order to finalize your registration, a quick follow-up visit (by appointment only) is required at our office to have your photo taken and to meet us and then you'll be ready to get on set!  

Please note: your profile will not be visible to casting directors until you have come in to finalize your registration. Having a set appointment time allows you to demonstrate to us that you are reliable, responsible and are appropriately prepared; ALL traits that are a MUST for booking you on a show. People that cancel multiple times, don't show up to finalize their registration at all, show up late and are ill-prepared are not the talent that we want to represent or that we want to be representing us.  

We will take a digital photo of you as well so PLEASE make sure to show up for your appointment CAMERA READY (hair and makeup done and an appropriate outfit for the 'look' you want to present to the Casting Directors). Please note this is not a photoshoot nor professional head shots.  If you change your look throughout the year we will update your photos for you for *free*.

Please be ON TIME for your scheduled appointment - we are extremely busy and might not be able to accommodate you if you are late.

It is an industry standard for non-union/AABP performers to pay a registration fee. We charge $100 annually (plus HST) for a total of $113.00. This fee has not increased in six years. This includes your digital photo(s) updated as needed throughout the year.  This is a YEARLY, NON-REFUNDABLE FEE.  If you choose to register with us - and we choose to represent you - this fee is payable at the time that you register. If you are non u or AABP you will be prompted for secure payment after setting up your profile on the database.  There is, of course, no charge whatsoever to meet with, and talk to, us.  There is no registration or renewal fee for any ACTRA, ACTRA Apprentice members or, any kids (regardless of union status) 17yrs and younger. 

OnSet Talent Database

Also included when you register with OnSet Talent Agency is your addition to our own BRAND NEW, STATE OF THE ART COMPREHENSIVE CASTING DATABASE that all the casting directors that we work with have access to. They can see your photo(s) and stats and have direct access for picture casting!! We have had our ONSET TALENT DATABASE running for several years now with great success and ease for the casting directors and we are excited about our new upgrade which will make it even easier to book our talent.  YOU, the performer will now be able to UPLOAD photos, edit and update all your stats, measurements, special skills, AVAILABILITY and MORE!  IT IS UP TO YOU TO MAKE SURE WE HAVE CURRENT, UPDATED PHOTOS AND STATS so that the casting directors know who they are casting!

Inclusion to our OnSet Talent database is FREE when you register with us.

When you email us please make sure to include:


• Your UNION STATUS (FULL ACTRA, ACTRA APP, AABP, or Non union, and if you are registering a child, their age and DOB)

 A CONTACT NUMBER we can reach you at


• What experience, if any, you have doing BG work