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What Production and Our Talent Say...

"You are the best agent in town. I appreciate everything you do."

Laura W.


Yasmeen G.

"Thank you! You're truly amazing! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you!"

Katelyn C., ACTRA TIP Production

"This was not easy - you are Wonder Woman!"

Roisin McGilly, Casting Director

"Your approach and professionalism shines through and makes you stand out from the rest! "

Aidan M.

"You are, by far, the best agent in this city. I mean it. I have heard some sketchy stories in holding. You do a really great job! The heads up, professionalism and general sharing of any relevant information, as well as the prompt and correct bookkeeping is very appreciated!"

Justin D.

"By the way when I was on set for Suits I was speaking to other bg that told me about their agents and how rude and disrespectful they were to them, I was horrified! So I told them how amazing u are, and never rude or disrespectful, I just wanted u to know that i think you're great!"

Joanne S.

"Thanks for all your hard work this block. We really appreciate everything!"

Motives & Murders


Sage H.

"Thank you again for the opportunity!! Today's shoot was amazing!!!"

Rachael B.

"Great shoot today. Thank you!"

James B.

"Thank god I have at least one agency who is reliable! So thank you again, I appreciate it very much!!"


"Thanks for the work! Thats why you are my only bg agent. Why have more than one when all it takes is one good one."

Henry K.

"Thx for subway shoot. It went till 5am however very professional and hard working team. So fun and interesting to be a part of. "

Maxine S.

"This is great! Thank you again for setting all this up!"


"You're the best agent!"

Mick C.


Stephen P.

"OnSet Talent has sent me on all kinds of jobs. You're a wonderful Agency..."

Davin L.

"I want to thank you for everything and let you know that it was a true pleasure working with you. I found you a very professional and reliable business woman! I wish you all the best!"

Ivana K.

"Thank you so much for all the work you have given me and for being professional. I appreciate it."

Isabela B.