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Paying on Time

ACTRA Members - all commissions must be paid within two weeks of receiving your cheque(s) or a surcharge of $25 is applicable.

Please note commission is payable on your subtotal gross pay (including, but not limited to, mileage, travel, wardrobe, cars, animals) Commission is not chargeable on any pension or HST you may collect (you must have a registered HST number).

CLEAR, READABLE copy of the paystub with all calculations clearly noted on it must be emailed to us and then followed up with your commission payable via E-TRANSFER. PLEASE NOTE: Effective as of October 1, 2013 we no longer accept personal cheques.

WE NOW ALSO PROVIDE DIRECT DEPOSIT service option for all of our ACTRA and ACTRA APPRENTICE members - so if you would like us to do all the work for you (and save you the hassle of dealing with your cheque, going to the bank to deposit it, calculating commissions and hst and sending us e-transfers) just forward us either a void cheque or a direct deposit form from your bank and we'll get you set up for easy-pay direct deposit (see below)!

Regular Background

Our commission for all background work has always been fair and equal for everyone and is still 15% for ACTRA, ACTRA Apprentice, AABP and non-union performers - it will not increase regardless of any change in your union status.

Additional Background, Upgrades, and More

Our commission for upgrades, SSE or other vouchers, music videos, and commercials is 15%.

Print Work

Our commission for any modelling or  print work is 20%.

Direct Deposit

Non-Union and AABP Performers - all production cheques are required to be sent to our office. A fee of $10 will apply to all cheques not sent to our office. Cheques will be date stamped on the day we receive them. We have streamlined our payment process and now will do all processing of production cheques for you. You no longer need to come in to  the office to pay commission and pick up your cheque! We are the only BG agency that fowards talent's pay by DIRECT DEPOSIT! (a HUGE savings on your time and travel expenses)! We will make all applicable deductions and then do a DIRECT DEPOSIT to your account ($1.25 +hst bank fee applies). Commission is payable on your gross pay. Please provide either a void cheque or obtain a direct deposit form from your bank so that we can get you set up (there is no charge to do this). Your pay will be deposited to you no later than 5 business days of us receiving the cheque from production. Your deposit will be followed up by an email with the accompanying paystub attached (with all deductions clearly noted on it) for your records.


HST (currently 13%) MUST be paid with all commissions and fees.


Registration (annual)
Late payment of commissions (applies to ACTRA members only)
Cancelling a confirmed booking (without a valid reason)
Arriving late on set
Direct Deposit
NSF Cheques (personal chqs no longer accepted)
Administration fee




20% surcharge or $25 (whichever is higher)